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We have compiled all of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) for Altizen. If you have any more Qs that we haven’t covered here, email us at [email protected].

About Altizen Smart Standing Desk

1. What is Altizen?

Altizen is a smart motorised workstation that turns any regular desk into a healthy sit-stand  desk; one that engages, tracks and coaches the user with its sensors and its mobile phone app to deliver superior health and productivity for the busy executives and entrepreneurs.

2. Do I need to replace my desk when I get an Altizen?

No. Altizen is a workstation that you just place on top of your existing desk. It turns your regular desk into a healthy height-adjustable sit-stand desk.

3. Do I need to drill or affix Altizen to my table?

Altizen is reassuringly solid and comes with a sturdy base – this means that you don’t need to drill or fix anything to your desk.

4. Will I need approval from HR to use Altizen at work

Most of our customers say that they choose Altizen precisely because they don’t need to seek HR’s approval to replace their existing desk. But this may vary between companies, so we suggest that you ask first.

5. How do I install Altizen? What tools will I need?

Altizen is shipped containing the worksurface, pillar and base, which you can easily assemble using the tools provided in the box. You may require a Philips head screwdriver if you have monitor screens to mount.

6. How much weight can I load onto Altizen?

All versions of Altizen can take up to 15 kg of load.

7. Am I too tall or short for Altizen? What are the minimum / maximum heights?

We’ve had people ranging from 1.5 metres to 2 metres in height try out Altizen without problems. If you’re outside of this range, contact us at [email protected] and we can advise.  

8. What materials is Altizen built with?

Altizen is made of premium laser-cut steel, wood-grain laminated medium-density fibreboard and high-grade plastic.

9. How long am I supposed to sit or stand everyday?

We suggest starting with 25% of your time standing, moving gradually up to 50%. We also suggest that each standing period does not exceed 30 mins for a start. In an eight-hour work day that’s two hours of accumulated time standing, working up to a total of four hours accumulated time standing.


10. Where is Altizen manufactured?

In Taiwan.


1. How do I elevate the desk?

There are 2 ways of elevating the desk:
– Using the “Up” or “Preset Height” buttons on the control panel of the desk itself
– Using the (very cool) remote control feature on the Altizen smartphone app

2. Can I use the Altizen while sitting and standing?

Of course! We’ve made it superbly easy for you to sit or stand. Press the preset height button and Altizen will elevate to your standing height. Press the same button again and it will go back down to sit on the top of your desk, so you can resume sitting.

3. How is Altizen different to full-size standing desks like the ones from IKEA?

As different as an Apple Watch is to an old-school pedometer! Altizen doesn’t just work with your current desk at work , it’s also designed to create long term habit change.

Awesome as standing desks are, they are just a tool and they’re useless – if you’re not creating habits around standing at regular intervals throughout the day. That’s why we created one that:
– Is extremely easy to elevate and use, literally one touch!
– Reminds you when it’s time to move
– Gives feedback on your activity levels and calories burned  to motivate you
With the app, we aim to make a healthier work-day an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.

4. Does Altizen work with single / dual monitors?

Yes, we have modular mounts that work with both single and dual VESA-compatible monitors. See Altizen Single and Altizen Dual.

5. Can the monitors be tilted?

The monitors can tilt (up and down) and pan (swivel left and right).

6. Does Altizen work with laptops?

Yes, we have a modular laptop tray on which you can place your laptop. See Altizen Laptop.

7. Does Altizen work with iMacs?

Apple sells VESA-compatible iMacs if you specify this during purchase. For some iMacs before late 2012, Apple sells a mount.

For iMacs from late 2012 onwards, unfortunately Apple does not have a solution to retrofit them with VESA mounts. There are some aftermarket solutions such as NuMount VESA or iMac mount made by third parties but these are not made by us or Apple.

8. What if I change my laptop or monitors after a few months?

Just let us know if you need a different configuration – we can provide the modular mount to convert into a Single Monitor, Dual Monitor or Laptop version.

9. Is the Altizen fully stable at all heights?

Stability is of utmost important to us. We’ve tested and retested Altizen with internally and with our certification agency, to make sure of this.

10. How does the app connect with Altizen?

Via Bluetooth.

11. What does the app do?

Many cool things which helps you to customise your Altizen to yourself.

Such as:
– Setting your standing goals – eg. you may decide to stand for 50% of your time at your desk, 30 mins each time. Setting your standing goal will activate your desk to remind you when it’s time to sit or stand.
– Determining the calories burnt from your standing activities
– Visualising your standing and sitting data throughout the day, weeks and months
There’re also other things you can do like remote-controlling your desk up and down!


1. What are the main benefits of using Altizen?

Altizen is about long-term habit change.

Most of us spend 8 hours a day slumped in front of our screens. This is bad for us, not just because it causes back and shoulder pains, but because this inactivity leads to metabolic-related diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Altizen motivates you to keep moving  when you are working at your desk. You’ll get reminders  when it’s time for you to move. It’ll show your stats to motivate you further, and make being active as simple as a single press of a button.

2. Will standing with Altizen help me lose weight?

This is a difficult one to answer. Standing is a low intensity activity that increases overall energy expenditure compared to sitting still. This could intuitively be translated into weight loss but evidence is lacking to show a strong link between standing and weight reduction.

However, MRI analyse show that fat deposited around vital organs (heart, kidneys, liver) is very strongly associated with sedentary time compared with overall Body Mass Index (BMI – the standard used to measure obesity). There is also encouraging evidence to show that breaking up long periods of sitting with frequent sessions of light intensity movements improves glucose and insulin levels.

3. Will standing at work make me more productive?

A study has shown that call centre workers are up to 50% more productive when provided with adjustable standing desks. We will caution that productivity is hard to measure and may vary from person to person. However, what can be shown, and what you will feel once you start standing, is that alternating between sitting and standing increases adrenalin and energy levels.

4. Will standing at work help with back-pain?

Back pain is often due to cumulative stresses such as sitting with bad posture all day. When we slouch in a chair it forces the spine’s natural “S” into a hunched “C” shape. It is the stress on the back end of the “C” that leads to back and neck pain.

Standing places less stress on the spine and encourages us to maintain the optimal “S” curve. Interspersing long periods of sitting coupled with frequent movement have been shown to reduce upper back discomfort and neck pain in office workers.


1. What countries do you ship to?

At the moment, we ship to Australia and Singapore. We will be opening up to other countries very soon. If you are from outside these countries, drop us a mail at [email protected] and we can place you on a waitlist for your country.

2. How much does shipping cost?

Please enquire with us at [email protected] for shipping rates.

3. How long will it take to arrive?

We will let you know of the arrival date before you make your purchase.

4. How long is the warranty period?

We offer a 3-year limited warranty. See details under “Limited Warranty” on our website.

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