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Why Altizen Standing Desks Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s not a secret anymore that sitting is just as harmful to a work professional as smoking. Research ( shows that the habit of sitting for prolonged hours not only leads to obesity but also to other serious health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in adults.

In order to maintain good physical health, you need to have a system in place to ensure you have an active working lifestyle. Standing workstations by Altizen provide just that and more. Read on to learn what makes Altizen products different from the rest of the standing desks available in the market.

What Makes Altizen Workstations Stand Out from The Crowd

1. Altizen standing workstations are smart

We have designed our workstations to be intuitive. As soon as you begin using them, they take note of your position, whether you are sitting or standing. Most sit stand desks you can find in the market are available in the price range $200 to $1350 (depending on the range of features included) just provide manually adjustable height and are unable to monitor how much time you have spent sitting vs standing.

2. Sends intelligent reminders

Since it can be challenging to keep track of your sit-stand times manually through an external device, Altizen workstations come with the feature to send you regular reminders on when you need to switch from sitting to standing and vice-versa. Now you don’t need to keep a log of how long you have been sitting, thanks to the innovative technology that relies on smart sensors – found only in Altizen standing workstations.

3. Takes care of your active working goals

When you set your active working goals, Altizen ensures you stay on track with them without missing a beat. It’s almost like having a personal coach at your disposal. You will stay updated on how well you are managing your active working routine. This feature alone is worth the price you pay for an Altizen standing desk.

4. Comes coupled with a mobile app

None of the sit stand desks on the market come with a mobile app that stays in sync with your workstation. It becomes almost effortless to see how you’re doing on a daily basis, thanks to the user-friendly interface that shares regular insights with you.

5. One touch height adjustment

Motor-powered height adjustment feature ensures that it’s effortless for you to adjust the height of your Altizen workstation to your pre-set height. Most other height adjustable sit-stand workstations in the market have to be adjusted manually and don’t offer any of the other very useful features that come with Altizen workstations.

6. Full safety certified

Altizen is designed to be safe, even around the hustle and bustle of the office or household. When the desk encounters an obstacle (whether your mug or your hand) it will stop moving and rebound, to ensure your safety. You will be assured by the fact that Altizen is safety certified up to North American safety standards.

7. Focus on ergonomics

From the 98-degree slant of the pillar to the curvature of the work surface, Altizen was designed together with professional physiotherapists, to ensure proper ergonomics for every mode of working. That is why it is the only standing desk endorsed by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.
In contrast, most other standing desks have pinch points and finger/hand traps due to their scissoring lifting mechanisms, and could have designs that aggravate existing body pains.

8. Quick and easy installation

Many of the sit stand desks that you can find in the market will need you to spend a lot of time setting things up correctly. With Altizen, you can complete your installation within 15 minutes and be up and running again.

9. Modular design

Not sure whether you will be using an additional screen next year? Altizen provides modules for single monitor, dual monitor and laptops, which you can interchange within minutes, at a very competitive price.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to enhance your personal daily work routine or that of your employees, Altizen workstations are simply the best you can get. When you consider the range of features available only in our products and the immense cost savings and ROI you get out it – it’s clearly good value for money. When you start seeing the improvements in your daily routine, productivity, and physical health after using Altizen desks, you might even consider it priceless.

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