The Medical Benefits Of Standing Desks – A Physiotherapist’s View

Michael Bushel, Physiotherapist

My name is Michael Bushel. I’m from Australia and I’m an Australian Physiotherapy Association titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

Why are office workers at risk due to sitting?

Long hours affect office workers because of the inactive sedentary nature of sitting. In fact, there’s been some recent data published showing that the amount of time that people spend sitting over their lives can correlate to an increased risk of all causes of mortality. That’s including heart disease and certain cancers and the development of Type-2 by diabetes

Is sitting really that bad for you?

According to some data, just like things like smoking, we don’t see the effects of sitting in the immediate term. We see it over the long term. This is why sitting has been coined “The New Smoking”.

What makes Altizen better?

It’s ergonomically designed and it’s incredibly easy to install and implement in any workplace, and particularly at any individual workstation. More to the point, it’s really easy to operate. It has an automatic motorized component which can move the desk up or down at the touch of a button. And even better is that you can link it to a smart app which will remind you to change the position of your desk from sitting to standing at your predetermined times.

How can Altizen help office workers?

So throughout a workday, often people they don’t stand or don’t move because they’re too busy concentrating on the work that they’re doing. It’s got nothing to do with them being lazy. The thing with Altizen is that it can remind you without the person having to think, and even better, it can lift the desk up without the person having to do anything.

What are the benefits of using standing desks?

After they have established that habit, they’ll start to feel that their productivity at work will have increased, and they’ll start feeling the health benefits of avoiding sitting for too long at work and those benefits include having more energy, vitality, having more concentration. Over time, they will be able to develop a habit of making a conscious effort to stand and move around during the office during the day because they know they’re getting better outcomes in their work productivity and their health.

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