The Ergonomic Benefits Of Standing Desks – Interview By Joel Bates

Joel Bates, Physiotherapist

My name’s Joel Bates I’m a physiotherapist at ONE Physio here in Singapore I’ve been a physio for 13 years now.

What is MSD?

MSD is Musculo Skeletal Disorder. It refers to an issue of the muscles and joints.

How does sitting too much affect you?

Sitting is detrimental in a few different ways. The first obvious way for me, as a physiotherapist, is the lack of the movement. Lack of movement creates issues for muscles and joints if they’re not moving as freely as they are designed to do. Those muscles and joints can become tight which can lead to stress on different parts of the body.

What are some examples of MSD?

Some of the common MSDs we see will start at the neck. Things like cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, muscle joint issues down to the shoulders, we see a lot of rounded shoulders, shoulder impingement, even down to the lower back, we will see things like disc injuries but also muscle and joint issues down there as well.

How do standing desks help?

Standing desks can definitely help any musculoskeletal disorders. The most important point in my eyes is the fact that it creates more movement during the day. It takes people away from the sedentary sitting position into a standing position. The correct use of the standing desk will mean that we’ll have more movement during the day.

Why Altizen?

Altizen is great because not only is it mechanical, it’s automated. It has a couple of features that I think really help. One of them is a reminder. You can set the reminder to actually start to give you feedback when you’ve been sitting for too long. So it gives you that reminder, it creates more movement and it does it for you, so you don’t have to think about it. The second is the automated level in which you can raise to, so a press of a button it goes to the predetermined height that you want. Very easy, simple. Altizen is the only standing desk endorsed by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

The smart standing desk made for a better you.

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