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10 Reasons Why Altizen Standing Desk Is Better For Your Back

There are more than 20 brands of standing desk in Australia. Large retailers like Ikea, Aldi, Amazon, Officeworks sell standing desks. There are also specialty brands like Varidesk, Ergotron. There are many articles about reviews and opinions on the best standing desk Australia.

The Altizen standing desk converter was launched in Australia in 2018, after successfully introducing it in Singapore in 2016. There are many features that distinguish the Altizen desk from existing standing desk Australia. In this article, we will be listing 10 compelling reasons why Altizen standing desk is better for your back.

  1. Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Altizen is one of the few portable electric standing desk Australia. The beauty of a motorised standing desk is that no lifting needs to be done. The Altizen standing desk uses good quality motor to quietly move you to your desired height at a touch of a button.

If you already suffer from lower back pain, we do not recommend a gas spring desk converter (unless you have tried it out) and confirmed that it does not worsen your pain.

Altizen standing desk converter

  1. Helps to Remind You to Stand

Altizen comes with a standing desk phone app that will help manage your sit stand routine by giving you reminders to sit or stand. What distinguishes Altizen phone app from other standing desk apps is that the Altizen desk is smart.

It has multi-sensors to detect whether you are indeed present at the desk. This means that if you are out for a meeting or toilet break, it automatically stops counting towards your next sit/stand time; and starts again when you are back.

  1. Fully Adjustable for Best Posture

Do you know how important it is to be in the correct posture whether you are sitting or standing? There are many standing desks Australia that do not have the option to independently adjust the height and angle of the screen for the correct standing posture. As a result, you will still end up in an awkward rounded strained standing posture.

The Altizen standing desk converter is fully adjustable for ergonomics. There is no need to separately buy standing desk accessories such as, monitor arms. The Altizen desk screen height may be adjusted up/down, and the screen may be tilted up/down 15 degrees, left/right 30 degrees.

  1. Suitable for Tall People

 It is not easy to find a standing desk converter that can accommodate tall people. If the height of the standing desk is not suitable for you, you will end up hunching over and straining your neck.

The Altizen standing desk can accommodate user heights up to 6’ (183cm) to 6’6” foot (198cm). Assuming your existing desk height is about 30 inches (76cm), the Altizen desk worksurface can be raised an additional 19.7 inches (50cm). In addition, the screen height can be independently adjusted to suit your eye level.

  1. Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The Altizen standing desk phone app counts the actual calories that you burn. Unlike other phone apps or software, it only counts the calories that you burn when you are present at the desk.

How much calories can you burn from a good sit/stand routine at work? It can be as high as 50 calories more per hour compared to sitting, according to Get Australia Standing. If you stand 2 out of 6 hours a day, you can burn approximately 100 calories more per day. 100 calories is equivalent to 20 minutes of walking at 3 mph pace, 20 minutes Yoga, or 15 minutes Swimming at moderate intensity.

  1. No More Standing Desk Accessories

Have you decided to buy a standing desk Australia, and then realized that you need to purchase accessories like monitor arms to achieve the recommended monitor height?

Whether as a single monitor standing desk, dual monitor standing desk, or laptop standing desk, the Altizen desk is a completely ergonomic with no add-on accessories required.

  1. Say Bye to Wobbly Worksurface

Did you know that wobbly keyboard platform is one of the reasons why Australians may stop using their standing desk? The participants in a [email protected] Study conducted by University of Sydney and Heart Foundation said that a wobbly surface could be a barrier to them standing more.

The Altizen standing desk has one of the best worksurface stability even at the highest height point. This means that you will have no problems using the Altizen desk converter for a good 30 to 45 minutes because it is so stable and comfortable to type and lean on.

  1. One-Touch Button to Standing Position

Most motorised electric standing desk converters only have a simply up/down height function. This means that you will have to hold the “up” button until you reach the desired height. In addition, you may not always achieve the recommended height for good posture.

The Altizen standing desk has a memory height button that locks in your pre-set height (that may be prescribed by a physiotherapist). This is a one-touch elevation function that may be activated by pressing a button on the desk, or in the Altizen phone app.

Moving from a sitting to a good standing position is so easy with the Altizen standing desk.

  1. No Loss of Desk Workspace

Another barrier to standing more is the loss of desk workspace, according to Heart Foundation Australia [email protected] Study. The tabletop space will usually be reduced if you use double tier worksurface standing desk Australia.

The Altizen standing desk has a large single-surface tabletop that is extremely stable. Best of all, at the lowest height point, it flushes and integrates with your existing desk workspace. This is important because some users find it difficult to achieve the right posture when their worksurface is not in sync with their existing desk.

  1. Tested for Durability

The next time you shop for a standing desk Australia, remember to ask whether the standing desk has been life cycle tested. The standing desk will be your work companion that will stick with you for a good 5 years. It must withstand the test of time to support you through a healthier standing routine. Therefore, it is important that the standing desk is tested for durability.

The Altizen electric standing desk has been life cycle tested up to 13,300 cycles which simulates 5 years of regular use.

Request a Demo in Australia

You wouldn’t know the real benefits of the Altizen standing desk unless you gave it a try. You can request to demo Altizen at your office. Alternatively, you may try it out at Capital Physiotherapy South Yarra Clinic located at 1/102 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141 (please make an appointment by calling 0401 865 333).

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