How we designed Altizen, the world’s first smart standing desk

Yuying suffered from lower back pain early in her career. As a corporate lawyer working 16 hours’ days, she was spending far too much time seated in front of her screen.

Sessions with a physiotherapist and a masseuse provided momentary relief (and burnt a hole in her pocket). But once she stepped back into the world of fast-approaching deadlines and never-ending emails, the pain returned. One particularly painful evening, she searched for a solution online and found out about adjustable standing desks. A light bulb went off and she never looked back. Andrew suffered a similar experience in his finance job, and joined Yuying in the quest to develop a solution for office workers around the world.

The founders reasoned: considering how much time people spend at work, it was unreasonable to cram “healthy living” into after-work hours. What people needed was to keep themselves active throughout their workday.

They spent months interviewing users with similar problems, including those who already had standing desks but were not fully utilising them. They also tried several standing desks from leading brands. Their findings? Most standing desks missed the mark when it came to creating long term habit change.

They intuitively felt that useful as standing desks were, they were just a tool, and useless if not used at regular intervals throughout the day. Much like a dusty treadmill stuck in a living room corner, really! Research soon confirmed their intuition.

The founders wanted to create a desk that helped its users maintain regular activity throughout the day. But, during a typical user’s busy day, with many other pressing priorities, how would they achieve this? The answer soon became obvious – through intelligent design and motivation.

They gathered an experienced team around them to develop a desk that:

– Is extremely easy to use – literally one-touch!
– Reminds users when it’s time to move
– Gives feedback on usage to motivate users

After 2 years of iteration, the team transformed a back-of-envelope hand sketch into the current sleek standing desk that is now Altizen.

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