how many calories burn using standing desk

How many calories will you burn using a standing desk?

If you want to lose weight, regularly using a standing desk is a smart way to remain dedicated to a healthy level of activity throughout your work day. Tip: try standing for at least 3 hours each day.

Standing burns at least 1/3 more calories compared to sitting. There’s also enjoy the additional health benefits of reducing your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. And mitigating back and neck pains from poor posture!

This might make you wonder: exactly how many calories will you burn using a standing desk?

Exact calorie burn will vary from person to person. But the ballpark calorie burn figure is 162 calories more per day, if you stand 3 hours each day.

This is nothing to be sneezed at. For the dedicated standing desk user, it adds up to a whopping 59,130 calories over a year!

Are you curious how much food this adds up to? Here’s our exclusive Altizen Infographic that shows you calorie burn in the form of favourite food (Hint: It’s a lot!).

We’re not recommending that you start ordering pizza after you get a standing desk. But it’s good to know there’s an easy way to work those inches off your waist while you’re stuck in the office!

Exclusive Altizen Infographic


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