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Humans are more sedentary now than at any point during history. We’ve gone from a species who spent their days roaming the plains to couch potatoes. Researchers have even coined the term "sitting disease" to describe the health effects of…
Marko Martinis - Head of Sales, Ematic Solutions --- How long have you been standing at your desk?   I have been standing for about 1.5 years now, since summer 2015. What motivated you to start standing at work? Firstly,…
Have you ever been in a situation where... You decide you want to make a positive change to your life. You decide it makes sense to research all possible solutions - so you dedicate a few solid hours of research...…
1. You have to stand the whole day This is the single biggest misconception going around about standing desks. It’s also one of the key reasons used in negative articles such as this about standing desks. The simple fact is…
Yuying suffered from lower back pain early in her career. As a corporate lawyer working 16 hours’ days, she was spending far too much time seated in front of her screen. Sessions with a physiotherapist and a masseuse provided momentary…
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