10 Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Should Have

Standing desks are gaining popularity owing to the convenience they offer. Working people face an industry hazard of sitting for long hours. We all know that the human body needs to move, but when the time comes to put it into practice, we often put work first. Health, by default, often ends up last the list of our priorities. Even if we manage to carve out time to exercise, sitting for long hours in front of a computer still damages the body’s normal functioning.
Medical practitioners have highlighted the dangers of sitting for too long. Thus, as an alternative, standing desks came into existence. They offer you the opportunity to work without spending eight to ten hours every day sitting on a chair. The posture you maintain is crucial for both your health and your comfort (as evidenced by the thousands of people who end up with back and neck pain each year).

But standing all day is neither a solution nor a possibility. Doing anything to an extreme can prove to be fatal – either it is sitting or standing. We need certain accessories with our standing desks to ensure that the problem of sitting for long hours is not replaced by the problem of standing for long hours. Standing desk accessories can help solve this issue.

What are the best ten accessories that work as a standing desk add on and improve the working environment for us?

1. Comfortable shoes
When you know that walking or standing is going to be the way you will work, ensure that the footwear you use not only looks good, but is comfortable to wear as well. You may take small breaks during your standing time, but most of the time, you will be putting pressure on the soles of your feet. In such a situation, it is advisable to wear shoes that offer all the support you need. A good pair of running shoe will fit this purpose.

2. Anti-fatigue mat
A mat, as opposed to a hard surface, can allow you to stand at your standing desk for longer periods without much problem. It is highly recommended to use an anti-fatigue mat to offer support, act as a cushion, and make your standing experience better than ever before.

3. A footrest
A footstool or a footrest can ease the pressure on your feet. This accessory is placed in front of you, and allows you to alternately prop up one of your feet, so there is no direct pressure on your heels. It is a stand-up desk accessory that has been used by the majority of people who need to stand for long hours.

4. A stand-up chair
A new concept that’s gaining popularity is the stand-up chair. This stand up desk accessory is something that takes away the pressure from your feet and offers you an experience similar to that of sitting.

5. Mounts for computer and other devices.
A mount for your screens is an absolute must. Without an adjustable mount, you will find yourself craning your neck to see the screen, and such a standing desk cannot be called ergonomic. When the screen is placed at the right level in front of your eyes, you find it much easier to work on the standing desk.

6. Standing desk extension
Wires are needed as you need to charge your battery powered electronic devices. You do not need to spoil the look of your desk by spreading wires all across it. A standing desk extension is an easy way to manage the devices without spreading a web of wires all around you.

7. A pedaling device market is full of stand up desk options that allow you to exercise a bit while you work. While a bicycle or a tread mill may be too much for a stand up desk accessory, there are other compact pedaling devices that would help you make the most of your time.

8. Appropriate lightsWhile worrying about health, one must not forget the importance of your eyes. If you are working in front of your screens, you need to keep suitable lighting around you. Table lamps are a good stand up desk option to have.

9. A height adjustment stand
To put your arms in a position comfortable to work is the ultimate goal of standing desk accessories. This adjustment is height is critical when you work for long hours.

10. A timer
A standing desk is about alternating between sitting and standing at set intervals. A timer is a good device to keep by yourself, so you do not forget to keep healthy even when work is piling up. Place a timer next to your standing desk frame today.

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